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Deine Idee in 280 Zeichen:
The demand for foods, snacks and drinks is not going to end any time soon, which is why bread2bun has planned to explore different available foods in most of the countries around the world.Today, people need simplicity and healthy solutions, which aren’t restricted by any barriers. This is exactly what bread2bun will be offering. regardless of where you are from, you will be able to explore and cook foods across the world with just two clicks on a mobile.
Here are some of the benefits available in Bread2Bun app:

  1. Exploring delicious recipes across the globe. 
  2. Adding recipes you’ve tried or would like to try into a personal weekly calendar (the ingredients will be automatically added to your shopping list).
  3. You can either shop for the ingredients by yourself or have them delivered to your doorstep. 

Be Organized and track your weekly food budget, enjoy different foods everyday, cook with your loved ones, and share your weekly food schedule with anyone u like. 

Name des Startups: Bread2Bun
Gründer: Fayas Jawfer
Dein Start-up in 3 Hash tags: #diverse #world #healthiswealth
Gründungsjahr & Phase: 2019 – Start-up (Gründungsphase)
Kategorie: Food Processing

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Was bietest Du dem Netzwerk an: Bread2Bun is a platform Proactively shaping the future of food industry in more sustainable way food cosuming. Through our platform, we want to look beyond the borders of our fields, through communication and the exchange of ideas and experiences,helping for new products, services and new cooperations.
Wie kann Dich das Netzwerk unterstützen:
Foodhub-NRW organize large events such as the Food Start-up Market & Network Meeting, and small invite-only meetings on specific topics.
We believe it will helps us to get valuable contacts for funding possibilities, contacts for co operations, companies, start-ups looking for concrete new ideas for their business areas.

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