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GeoPard Agriculture

Copyright: FlyPard Analytics GmbH
Deine Idee in 280 Zeichen:
GeoPard Agriculture is a precision agriculture platform which provides insights about any field in the world using geospatial analytics and machine learning techniques. 
GeoPard employs cutting-edge technologies to optimize crop inputs and yield while preserving resources. Analytics is accessible for an affordable price using GeoPard application or API/widget integration.
Name des Startups: FlyPard Analytics 
Gründer: Dmitry Dementiev, Vladimir Klinkov, Dzmitry Yablonski
Dein Start-up in 3 Hash tags: #precisionagriculture #geoanalytics #digitalfarming
Gründungsjahr & Phase: 2019 – 2nd Stage (Wachstumsphase)
Kategorie: Agriculture
Was bietest Du dem Netzwerk an: We are team of dedicated professionals in precision agriculture, software engineering and geospatial analytics. We would be happy to share our knowledge of this industry. Founding team works in precision ag since 2012, our previous company was acquired by Bayer AG where we were first engineers in Xarvio.com team.
Wie kann Dich das Netzwerk unterstützen:
We are looking for companies who could be our clients and partners:

farmers, big growers, ag cooperatives, ag consultants, ag services resellers, farm management software which consume our analytics via API/widget.

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