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Start-up Ticker: Vegshelf

Deine Idee in 280 Zeichen: Vegshelf is a B2B Platform for consumer-packaged plant-based food products facilitating product discovery, direct communication, quoting, sampling, ordering and payments – all in one platform.
Founded by a team of vegan and flexitarian that are committed to transform our food system by leveraging their entrepreneurial experience in CPGs, export and platform businesses. With a global mindset from Düsseldorf, Germany.
Name des Startups: Vegshelf
Gründer: Baiba Soika
Dein Start-up in 3 Hash tags: #vegan #platformbusiness #B2B
Gründungsjahr & Phase: 2018

Orientierungsphase (Pre-Seed)
Kategorie: Apps & Media
Was bietest Du dem Netzwerk an: Team of Vegshelf is experience in CPG, global trade and platform economy areas, and we would love to share our knowledge with other food startup founders. Also, we have extensive network of other startup founders within food industry in both Europe and U.S. that we are also happy to make introduction with, if there is a match and need.
Wie kann Dich das Netzwerk unterstützen: While we are building the platform, we would appreciate to hear the feedback from our potential users – plant-based food manufacturers within various product categories such as meat alternatives, milk alternatives, snacks, ready-made meals and other.
We are happy to join Food Hub NRW to get in touch with other food startup founders in order to discover their startup journey, products and those, who are established and retail-ready invite to use our Vegshelf platform once it’s launched.


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